Engaging Men and Boys

As long as gender-based violence and discrimination continue to thrive in countries the world over, girls and women will never be able to reach their full potential and build the lives they want and deserve. Engaging men and boys is a crucial aspect of changing the social and cultural paradigms that perpetuate and seek to justify gender-based violence and discrimination, including the ways in which boys and men are also disadvantaged by expectations of traditional dominant masculine identities.

Paper Crown offers a comprehensive series of participatory, interactive workshops designed to sensitize and educate men and boys to gender issues that apply to their lived realities, including the basics of gender inequality, gender-based violence awareness and prevention and positive masculinity. We also engage in research that looks at successful tools and best practices for engaging men and boys to end violence and discrimination.

Paper Crown's founder and workshop instructor Katie Carlson with members of Voice of Community Organization, fighting to end GBV in Rwanda by engaging men and boys  - June 2014

Feedback from recent participants of our workshop series for men in Rwanda

"Understanding that sex (biological sex) is different from gender and that gender is socially created made us realize that gender roles are dynamic and we can change them for the better."

"Excellent explanation of key elements of gender, Katie is a good facilitator who is very familiar with the content and her participatory approach was very effective."

"It was very important for me to learn about the gender-based violence laws in Rwanda and the gaps in these laws that still discriminate unfairly against women."

"I learned for the first time that fundamental human rights also belong to women and that GBV is a violation of those basic rights."

"It was very, very interesting, because after the workshop we will use this knowledge in our daily lives, by mobilizing our communities around gender and positive masculinity."

"The learning atmosphere was marvellous and we really appreciated the interactive approach that was used to engage us in discussion about these issues."

"Learning about positive masculinity was very helpful, I will teach my neighbours, especially men, about positive masculinity and how to change the negative aspects of traditional masculinity."