Paper Crown Institute is a non-profit organization that works with youth to transform gender norms, foster leadership and create lasting social change.

Gender inequality is created and reinforced by social beliefs about the value and role of girls and boys, men and women, in any given community. These beliefs are passed down through generations, and are one of the fundamental driving forces behind some of the world's most pressing development issues, including persistent poverty, slow economic growth and widespread violence. Despite decades of investment in addressing these problems, the deeply-held beliefs that contribute to them are rarely targeted.

Paper Crown engages adolescent girls and boys in critical conversations around gender norms, personal identity, social equality and community leadership. Our approach strengthens personal self-confidence, critical thinking and leadership skills, while openly naming the problem of gender inequality and
co-designing grassroots solutions directly with young people.

While our focus is primarily on youth, we also engage adult men and women in participatory dialogue around gender norms, violence and discrimination. We have worked with teachers, professionals, parents and other community members to help educate and sensitize adults to the harm caused by discriminatory gender norms and violence, harm which affects children, spouses, families and entire communities.

Our aim is to break the intergenerational cycle of gender discrimination and violence.
Because equality that is built to last starts from the ground up.

What’s new?!

Paper Crown is currently working with Shooting Touch International from 2018-2020 using our community outreach clubs model to build girls’ confidence and critical thinking abilities, as well as knowledge of their rights and how to break down gender stereotypes and foster gender equality in their own communities.
AND we hope to bring boys into the mix in the coming year!

Learn more here about our groundbreaking new model,
The Queen's Gambit
with three project cycles completed in 2017!

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