What does Paper Crown mean?

"Paper Crown" refers to our passionate belief that the critical thinking and leadership skills, as well as personal self-confidence, which are crucial for creating real social change are not defined by someone's individual wealth or privilege, but rather are traits that can be cultivated in everyone throughout their lives. The concept of leadership is symbolized by our red crown, and because we believe leadership is crafted by each one of us in our own way, a crown made of paper in this sense is worth far more than any crown made of gold and jewels (or wealth and status!). This mindset is what we strive to develop in those we train and work with. In short, we develop our own social leadership using hard work, self-love, compassion, dedication and the resources we have at hand.

You might also notice that our red crown looks almost like a flower in bloom. For this image, we took our inspiration from the lotus flower for its symbolic meaning. The lotus flower begins as a seed in darkness at the bottom of a lake or pond and, throughout its life, slowly grows upward towards the light it senses above the surface of the water. When the lotus breaks the surface, it unfolds into a beautiful and translucent blossom, full of light. Our mission at Paper Crown reflects this story. We are always striving to learn more and grow further in our work, from the darkness to the light, seeking the point where we and those we work with will open into full bloom as the lotus does, ready to inspire others.

lotus-flower (1).jpg