A Willing Heart

This is a guest submission from one of our workshop participants, Keza Latifah in Rwanda.

Every day a girl is raped. Somewhere in Pakistan, you'll find a girl with lost dreams. Here in Rwanda is a 21-year-old orphan whose parents died in the 1994 genocide.

Girls are sponges. They undergo the worst of life and are taught to suck it all in and move on. They grow with broken souls and hard corpses. They keep it all inside until destiny does them good and they die.

This is why I believe in girls' empowerment. In the Bible, God tells Adam and Eve to rule over the world. Every fish in the sea and bird in the sky, he proclaims it their territory.

This brings up a very interesting thought: has womankind also fulfilled that which was proclaimed by the maker himself? Instead, she has been taught to cover herself up and hide behind the scenes.

I want every woman in the world to know her worth, to come out of her hardware, to speak out and conquer.

I want every girl in Pakistan to be a Malala Yousafzai, every girl in Rwanda to stand up and DO something. Every man in the world to understand a woman's worth instead of raping her. And the only way this can happen is to start with us young ladies: what we call Girl Empowerment.

This is something my grandmother told me long ago and it goes to every girl in the world: Tears will dry, people will die, and sometimes you will lose hope. But life is a journey, you have nothing to lose, and eventually everyone rests in the tomb. Therefore, choose to make your journey the best, for nothing is impossible to a willing heart.