Our partners make it possible for us to do what we do. We are proud to list the following organizations and institutions as supporters of the work of Paper Crown.

Our International Partners

Graduate Women International (GWI)

GWI was founded in 1919 and is a worldwide non-governmental organization of women graduates and students, whose purpose is to promote lifelong education for women and girls, promote international cooperation, friendship, peace and respect for human rights for all, irrespective of their age, race, nationality, religion, political opinion, gender and sexual orientation or other status, advocate for the advancement of the status of women and girls, and encourage and enable women and girls to apply their knowledge and skills in leadership and decision-making in all forms of public and private life.

GWI actively advocates for women’s rights, equality and empowerment through access to quality secondary and tertiary education, and training up to the highest levels. Our vision is 100% of girls and women in the world achieving education beyond primary school. GWI has national affiliates in 61 countries worldwide and individual members in more than 40 others. 

Check out our project webpage on GWI's website!


Our Mentorship Partners in Rwanda

Young Women with Impact (YWI)

YWI was founded by Jeanne d’Arc (Jede) Umulisa with the vision of transforming the lives of young women and girls across Rwanda by inspiring them to become “more than just women” in every sphere of life. Jede is passionate about youth empowerment and is a motivational speaker. She is currently the Director of Planning for M&E in the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion and has a background in public policy and economic development, international economics, leadership and management. Jede also holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Economic Development from KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Seoul, South Korea.

YWI seeks to mentor and inspire young women and girls to become visionary leaders and businesswomen, to help young women and girls discover their hidden potential and link them to existing opportunities, and to support young women and girls to pass on the knowledge they’ve acquired, inspire others and leave a legacy for the next generation. YWI will provide young women mentors for Uwicyeza students to support them in their personal and professional development.

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