Love what we stand for? Start your own Paper Crown Club!

The philosophy of Paper Crown is going global, and we're beyond excited to see girls all over the world looking to start their own Paper Crown clubsPaper Crown clubs are created BY girls and FOR girls, helping them to gain new skills and knowledge and to engage and inspire their own friends, families, schools and communities in the fight to empower girls in new, fun and creative ways.

Paper Crown clubs are about regular girls in regular cities, towns and villages all over the world. They are meant to reflect the values of Paper Crown Institute and to give a voice to girls who have important things to say about their lives as girls, using their own words. They are movements of energy, thought and action, and are part of an international wave of hope and enthusiasm that is spreading every day, with the ultimate goal of making the world a better and safer place for all girls, no matter their location, age, race, religion, class, social status or sexual orientation. Clubs are all inclusive, and may even include boys who are supportive of Paper Crown's mission and philosophy. 

If you're interested in starting your own club, contact us to receive a copy of our Paper Crown Club Starter Toolkit and follow the steps to register and run your own unique club from wherever you are in the world, and remember - we'll be here to support you every step of the way!

Stay tuned for an upcoming list of Paper Crown Clubs launching around the world!