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100 Women Who Will Impact Rwanda Mentoring Camp 2015
(Gender & Leadership + Career Building & Networking workshops)

Aged 13-18 years old
Developed and Facilitated by Katie Carlson, Founder & CEO

"I learned how as a young woman I can overcome challenges that I meet and I learned how I can be a great leader."

"An interesting thing we learned from this workshop is about gender balance, because it hurts me when I see girls doing housework alone without the help of their brothers."

"I learned how to have new ideas in my mind, and I learned to be persistent, because before I didn't used to try something many times. If I failed I would give up, but now I've changed."

"I learned the qualities of a good leader, and more importantly, I learned the tools to use to overcome the challenges faced by women because of gender inequality."

"Really it was amazing, you gave me power inside me that I feel I can use to change others, and I can play an important role to bring justice and human rights in society and in my country."

"Today I learned so much. I didn't know that I have many rights, and that made me feel valuable. Secondly, I had a great thought cross my mind about being the future president, since what a man can do I can do too, no matter what."

"What I found most interesting is how women's leadership is still low in the world and how we can change this situation, which is a result of our history, including culture and gender inequality."

"I learned that we are all equal and that all humans have rights which have to be respected."

"This workshop was so interesting because this is what we face in our daily lives so it's crucial to talk about it."

Gender & Leadership workshop participants (2013-2014)
Aged 14 - 18 years old
Developed and Facilitated by Katie Carlson, Founder & CEO

"The content of the workshop was amazing and interesting in a way I didn't expect it to be, because it was all about sharing our experiences in our daily life and thoughts, and to look at what we can do to change the world as girls."

"It's obvious that Katie teaches what she lives, not just what she's heard; she practices what she preaches. For sure she can be a change maker, for she has already changed me in less than four hours."

"I really enjoyed how we were invited to speak up our minds and no one's idea was underestimated. I also enjoyed that we were able to talk about real life since this is our everyday life."

"Katie is committed and self-confident. She makes people believe in themselves."

"My first suggestion is to introduce these kinds of workshops into each and every school in Rwanda!"

"Katie's teaching style and knowledge were great. She knows how to deal with teenage girls and she's open and free. In short, she's great!"

"What I learned is how to build self-confidence in me. For me, it's the first time that I've really learned how to have confidence in myself, and it was really cool!"

"From this workshop, I learned that a person is the one to create their inner voice. I learned that through your actions, thoughts and accomplishments, your voice grows. Before coming to this workshop, I thought that confidence is gained from how other people see you or how they consider you in society, which is not true, because you yourself can grow your voice and your confidence."

"I learned the actual difference between sex (biological) and gender (social). I understood that inequality starts from birth and this therefore helped me notice for myself all those other small identifiers of inequality."

"Katie taught us things that we can really use in our daily lives which can help us and that was really cool."

"The content of the workshop was very interesting and valuable since we learned about leadership and gender equality which are the backbone of developing countries and communities all over the world."

"This workshop showed me the way we can't limit ourselves as girls from doing things that boys can do. We can be equal to boys even though from history they have been valued more than us. Through being responsible and focused we can be able to work hard so that we become equal to boys, not better than them."

"The content was interesting because it has shown us that we have the full potential to change the world."

"Katie is confident and knows how to relate to those she's talking to - it's inspiring."

"I learned that beliefs make up your mind set, and your mind set results in your behaviour. I also learned the values of a leader and how I can be a good leader myself."

"This workshop wasn't boring like so many other workshops I've been to, it was fun and educational. Katie gives you knowledge in a good and fun way!"

"I learned that self-confidence is something you can work on and develop. I also learned that to be a leader is not about leading a huge group of people, but leading is being influential, not just occupying a huge space, but being part of people's lives and doing what is necessary to help them."

"I think Katie's lessons are inspiring and I liked the way she listened to our points of view."

"The instructor's teaching style was pretty cool, and I think she has many things to give to girls like us."

"I think she's got a great style of instructing, and it was awesome how she cooperated with us. Katie knows a lot about what she was teaching us, and that's what I call knowledge."

"I learned that gender is a social thing (not the same as sex, like I thought) so we can change it for the better."

"Generally I loved the instructor's teaching style, she is far from boring (thank God) and she connects a lot to us girls, and I think that is important. She really knows her work."